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Motor Caravan Section - Northern Ireland Area

Welcome to the web pages of the Northern Ireland Area (NIA) of the Motor Caravan Section (MCS) of the Camping and Caravanning Club (CCC).  If you wish to know more about our activities, please bookmark our web address.

You can find out about the Camping and Caravanning Club itself by clicking the logo in the margin.  You can explore the whole Motor Caravan Section by going to its website, Waggoners Talk.  Again just click its link in the margin.  You can learn about the other NI groups within the CCC by following the other links provided.

To find out details of our next meet click the Next Meet button in the margin. When you are on the Meets page, you can download the full list of meets and print out — provided of course that you have printer and paper available.

Meets are open to all members of the Camping and Caravanning Club.  It is not necessary to be also a member of the Motor Caravan Section of the Club. Provision is made at meets for various types of units.  Membership of the Section is necessary for attending the NI Area and National Section AGMs.



Ordinarily it is not necessary to book a space at a meet.  However special circumstances require booking at a few, e.g. the North West 200, the International Air Show and (for 2016) Shimna Integrated, Newcastle.  Such meets are clearly marked *Bookable* on the Meets page.  It is essential to contact the chairman or secretary to assure a place at such a meet.


A list of Meets for 2017 is available with the Meets calendar.  Attendances have been good picking up more as daylight lenghtened. The Area's sixth AGM was held on Easter Saturday to avoid the unfortunate clash of sunshine outdoors and business meetings inside as happened at the 2014 AGM!  The list of 2016/2017 committee members can be found on the Info page of this website.  In a moving moment Agnes Babb the club's first honorary president handed over her badge of office to Maureen Reid, who has also served the club in many roles since its founding.


The Area will hold its second temporary holiday site at Shimna Integrated College, Newcastle.   The THS will be open from Friday 6 July to Saturday 22 July to all members of the UK club but booking is essential.   The period of the THS covers the well-known public holiday in Northern Ireland, known as the 'Twelfth'.   Further details are available from the Secretary.


Further information including the Club's camping rules, members of the current group's committee and links to other sites appears on the Info pages.  Please note that the link to the group's Facebook page only works, if your Facebook account is already recognised for your current device.  Otherwise you need your own Facebook password to sign in.

These pages were last updated on 19 January, 2017.