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If you live in Northern Ireland and are a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club, you already know about its District Associations (DAs) and are a member of one of the three DAs in the Northern Ireland region.  However the club also has specialist interest sections which organise themselves separately and charge their own extra fee.  The Motor Caravan Section (MCS) is one of the largest of these.  Details of its areas, activities and the benefits of membership are given on the Section's national website, Waggoners Talk.  These present pages belong to the Section's Northern Ireland (NI) Area.  You can join via the membership form on the Section's national website.

If you are not a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club, you can find out more about it by clicking its logo in the top of the side margin.  You can explore the whole Motor Caravan Section by going to its website, Waggoners Talk.  Again just click its link in the margin.  You can learn about the other NI District associations (DAs) within the CCC by following the other links provided.


Chair Peter Williamson  2016
Vice Chair Robert Cupples  2016
Secretary Michelle McBride  2017
Treasurer Jim Reid  
Sites Bobby Winton  2017
PRO Elena Ferguson  2017
Rep to Council Robert Cupples  2016
General Bill McBride  2016


Non-Committee Roles

President Maureen Reid  
Web Editor Peter Williamson  
Auditor Bill McDonald  
MCS NI Area mobile 075 4252 9340  

Committee members are elected to serve for two years. Those elected in 2016 stand down at the AGM in 2018, those elected in 2017 stand down at the AGM in 2019 but all are eligible to stand again if they wish.  The treasurer is elected by the committee each November to serve for the following calendar year but must first be approved by the Section Council.  The treasurer is not required to be an elected member of the committee, but, if not, he/she should attend as a supernumerary member. The club president and auditor are elected annually.

Further details of the committee (including email addresses) can be found on the NI Area pages of the MCS national website at Waggoners' Talk.  The 2017 AGM will be held in the Spring of that year.


Please bring your CCC/MCS membership card to every meet, i.e. one for each person!  It is of great assistance to stewards if you have put your vehicle registration number at the bottom of each card.  The card then shows conveniently your name, club number, renewal date, section details, your district association and your vehicle registration.


MCS NI has its own group page in the Facebook website, reserved for members only.  To gain access you need to be a member of Facebook.   Then you ask the NI secretary to send you an invitation to join the MCS NI area page. You are strongly advised to post the minimum of personal data on the Facebook site and to exercise caution when posted other materials especially photographs.


Reports on meets appear regularly in the MCS national magazine Waggoners Talk.  The club's closed Facebook pages contains ongoing updates from members.  This Info section of the website contains various useful details.   These items create together an ongoing history of the Area.


The Web editor is very grateful for all the photos sent in and welcome criticism, comments and suggestions for these pages.  Please communicate via email: peterwilliamson19@hotmail.com


Here is a link to overnight stops in the UK.  As with all such lists they often become out of date and need to be checked ahead of travel.  Some places levy a charge, others do not.

The Spademill Templepatrick is a convenient overnight stopover handy for all shipping lines.  The cost is £5 per 24 hours, collected by the warden at the site.  Arrival is restricted to between 09:00 and 17:00 hours all year, but departure can be by arrangement with the warden.  There are NO FACILITIES, not water, rubbish, elsan nor toilet facilities.


There are now many websites offering advice on motorhoming.   It is worth checking some of them out in an idle moment!

Motorhome Facts claims to be the largest and most active online UK Motorhome community. 

Practical Motorhome runs a number of discussion forums

Motorhome Craic proclaims itself Ireland's ultimate motorhome resource for news, information, forum discussion and wild camping.


These pages may be viewed from any browser.  However Firefox and Google Chrome are especially recommended.  If the print seems small on your screen, try pressing Ctrl with + to increase it.


These pages were last updated on 13 February, 2017

Have you discovered that clicking the other yellow buttons above (Camping Rules, I.C.E., etc) reveals even more info?


Club meets are open to members only. It is not possible for non-members to stay or join on site.

All Club camping events will have at least one appointed steward who is responsible for members’ behaviour and safety during the meet.

If a steward feels a member’s behaviour, or the behaviour of a member’s children or pets, is causing a nuisance, the steward is permitted to ask a member to cease the behaviour or leave the site.

All vehicles are restricted to 5 mph on site and L drivers are not permitted.  Vehicles must be parked at right angles to any slope.

It is strongly recommended that all camping units are equipped with a suitable BS/EN3 approved fire extinguisher or fire blanket, and that members should be aware of how to use the one they have.

Buckets of water placed outside units are also useful as near-to-hand fire fighting equipment.

Sites usually open at 4.00 pm.  Some may open early so check the Out and About section or contact the website or steward's mobile - 078 1364 3917

All units and visitors must report to the stewards on arrival.

Please take all rubbish home with you on weekend meets.

You will need your own toilet as there may not be facilities on site.

The stewards will tell you where the elsan emptying point is.

Do not take any part of your toilet to the drinking water tap.

Dogs must be on a lead whilst outside your unit and leads should not extend more than six feet.  Dogs must be exercised off site.

Units should not be sited less than 20 feet / 6 metres from your nearest neighbour unit.

On some sites units will be sited by stewards due to size of the field.

Radios and televisions should be kept to a personal level.

The use of generators should be kept to a minimum, not used for prolonged periods and NEVER after 11.00 pm or before 7.00 am.

Please keep noise to the minimum between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am


After the serious medical emergency which occurred at the 2009 September's 'Meet and Greet', the committee was approached by member Brenda Montgomery about implementing an 'In Case of Emergency' or I.C.E. scheme.  Some of you may previously have heard of such schemes.  The committee looked at this idea, felt it is an EXCELLENT one and encourages EVERY member to implement it.

If an emergency occurs and paramedics are required, it could save time and LIVES if they knew a little about your history i.e, about things like diabetes, a pacemaker, blood group, the medication you take regularly.  Even if you have no pre-existing medical condition, you should still participate as the I.C.E. info sheet will give details of your next of kin, i.e. address, telephone number, etc.

The I.C.E. sheet should be placed in a bottle.   A specimen bottle available from your chemist or doctor is ideal.  Keep the bottle in the right hand side of the fridge door in your motorhome or caravan and put another in the equivalent place at home, clearly marked I.C.E.

This scheme is already used in the province and elsewhere, so medics know where to look for info.  Now everyone who implements it will know where to look themselves.

The bottle takes up only a small space and in any panic situation it will provide vital information that no-one else present may know or remember.

Please DO participate – it may help save your life.  If you attend meets, a limited number of bottles and forms are available.  A copy of the form is downloadable here also.



We all carry our mobile phones with names and numbers stored in its memory but except for yourself and others closest to you often nobody knows for certain which of these numbers belong to your closest family or friends.
If you were involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending you might have your mobile phone but they might not know who else to call.  Yes, there may be hundreds of numbers stored in your phone, but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? This is another case for our I.C.E. hero!
The whole concept of I.C.E. is catching on and broadening. As mobile phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted in an emergency under the key name ICE.
For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3, etc.  Make sure it is in the mobile phones of others in your family.

There are some things which you can do to prepare for cases of emergency.   The I.C.E. bottle in your fridge and the I.C.E number in your mobile should be among them.


Sometimes you may need to get in touch with the steward at a meet.  The group has a mobile dedicated for this purpose, so that at each meet it is carried by the steward of that meet. The number 078 1364 3917. Put it into your mobile under 'Stewards'!



The Emergency Number worldwide for most mobile telephones is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you. For more information consult Wikipedia.


In October 2008 a group of motorhomers started to arrange its own meets in Ireland.  Calling themselves the Wanderers the group elected a steering committee in December and initiated steps to seek recognition as an official area within the Motor Caravan Section (MCS) of the Camping and Caravanning Club.   In May 2009 members of the group attended the MCS 47th National Meet at Irvine in Scotland as individual members of the Section.  Photos of meets arranged by the Wanderers committee are to be found on this site.   Please note that if you visit these photos, you need to select the Home button to leave.


In June 2009 the Wanderers received the Club's permission to organise as the Northern Ireland Area of the Motor Caravan Section and to elect its first Area committee.  In September the Area held its first 'Meet and Greet' which was attended by leading officials from the MCS Council and by representatives of the Club's District Associations in Northern Ireland.   It also received approval to operate this web site.  The Secretary published two occasional newletters during the year, which can be found under Newsletters


The Area's first AGM was held during the Easter Meet 2010 at the Share Centre, Lisnaskea.  As the Area was only recently launched, the committee was unanimously confirmed in office until the 2011 AGM.  The meeting also agreed to appoint Mrs Agnes Babb as its first honorary president.  A special section on the social web site Facebook, open only to MCS NI Area members, was launched.  Unfortunately it was not possible to fly the new Area pennon (see margin).

A small party attended the 48th National AGM in Faversham, Kent over the second May bank holiday.  The Chairman was presented with various official items of regalia for the group.  Photos from the rally show these items on display.

Two years after the founding of the initial group an increased number of members became available to serve on the Committee, thus allowing some senior members to step down.  The restructured committee decided that the time had also come to make the Section more widely known in the province.


The second AGM was held in March 2011.  In effect this was the first opportunity for members to nominate and vote for committee members.  The rules require half of the committee to stand down and if wished seek re-election.  One did not wish to stand again for personal reasons, so a new member was elected instead.   The executive committee - an inner group of committee members - remained as before.  A new edition of the Area's newsletter appeared just after the AGM meet.  The Area's Facebook page and the Photos on this website and on Facebook have continued to be popular.


The 49th National Rally was held in Driffield in the East Riding of Yorkshire from 27 to the end of May 2011.  Eight vans from NI attended and enjoyed fine weather and entertainment.  The Area created its own private page in the social network site Facebook.  This has proved to be a popular way of keeping in touch.  It also serves as a further showcase to members of photos taken at meets.  Photos are also placed on this website so that a collection for each year the Area exists can be easily consulted.


2012 began with the appearance of another edition of the Area Newsletter, in effect a handbook for the year. The 50th National Rally was held in Newark Showground, Notts from 1 - 5 June.  It attracted almost 350 vans, though unfortunately the NI Area chairman was prevented from attending.

The NI Area AGM was held at 14:00 on Saturday 7 July at the meet at Lisnagarvey Hockey Club.  The chairman and other members of the committee presented their reports to the meeting.  The treasurer having been approved by the Section Council then took charge of the meeting.  Following the normal procedure half of the committee retired.  Members were then asked to nominate and vote for candidates to fill the vacated positions.  Retiring members were eligible to be nominated for re-election. 


The Camping and Caravanning Club is widely known for its temporary holiday sites (THS), open to members and non-members.  Local District Associations (DAs) have well-established traditions.  The NI Area hosted its first local temporary holiday site from 20 - 30 July 2012 at Ballynahinch Rugby Club.  All type of camping units were welcomed.   Although the THS was not as fully used as anticipated, it proved a valuable experience.   The THS's in Britain also reported lower than expected usage, perhaps due to the poor weather conditions throughout the season.

THE 4th, 5th, AND 6th AGMs

By the Area's 4th AGM in 2013 the club had established comfortable patterns of working.  The event itself took place on Saturday 2 March in Ballydown Primary School.  Richard Montgomery who had acted as chairman since the founding of the NI Area Group stood down as chairman, but remained on the committee.  In his place Alan Parks took over as the Area's second chairman.  Lorraine Canmore returned as secretary.  Unfortunately Alan had to resign later for personal reasons, so Richard once again took over the burden of chairmanship.  On Saturday 31 May 2014 the 5th AGM took place in Cookstown High School.  In 2015 Michelle McBride took over as secretary following the Area's sixth AGM held in Bangor on Saturday 4 April. 


The Area's AGM in 2016, its seventh, followed the successful tradition of combining the election of a committee with celebrating Easter.  The details of the 2016/17 committee - with Peter Williamson taking over as the Area's third chairman and Bobby Winton taking over the burden of finding interesting sites - can be found here.


The Area's 8th AGM will be held on Saturday 1 April 2017.  Membership continues to grow gradually.  The committee is pleased to welcome the attendance at meets of Motorhome Section members and those from the District Associations.  Provision is made for motorhomes and caravans at meets.  If you wish to use a tent, you should consult the chairman in advance.  The Area's private Facebook page is well visited, but the committee would like to see more people actively contributing!


The Area will hold its second temporary holiday site at Shimna Integrated College, Newcastle.   It will be open from Friday 6 July to Saturday 22 July to all members of the UK club but booking is essential.   The period of the holiday site covers the well-known public holiday in Northern Ireland, known as the 'Twelfth'.   Further details are available from the Secretary.



Facebook is a social networking website.  Since late 2006 anyone over 13 with a valid email address can become a user, but it is aimed more at adults than teenagers.  After joining, you get your own set of pages where you can create a profile with some details about yourself.  You can invite other users as friends, publish news, send messages, write comments and upload your own photos.  Facebook provides a way of keeping up with others.  You can also play some games.


Facebook has had some well-publicised problems with security.  It is well worth looking at the detailed notes in its Help Centre pages on how to protect your identity.  You will find these in the Account dropdown menu.  It is very important to keep control of what other people can find out about you. It is important to limit what other people can learn about you.  It is possible to check what outsiders can see of your pages and your profile.  In general Facebook is as secure as emailing or other similar interactive systems on the web.  You should always act on the cautious side.


Once you have joined as an individual user, you will see in the left margin a list of facilities.  One of these is labelled Groups. This is an important feature of Facebook for clubs like the MCS.  Details of meets and other events are often posted on the Group's Facebook page.  Members can also discuss and interact in ways not easily replicated on this website.   You need permission from the secretary to join the Facebook group, so only other members of the Area will be able to see anything you post there.


As noted above Facebook also provides for applications (Events, Groups, Photos, etc) and games (Farmville, Treasure island etc).  These often allow interaction with other users.  If you do not want to see news from the games others play, go to your own Home page and click on Games in the left margin.  If the item you seek is not there, click on More.  Click on the desired item, go into it and in its leftside margin you should see an option to block it.  
If you have further problems with this issue, the secretary may be able to help.  If you change your mind later, you can unblock a game via a similar procedure.  If you go to your Account button (top right), then into Privacy Settings, then Applications, you can find out what items you have successfully blocked.


Facebook makes regular changes to its system.  Unfortunately this means you need to make regular checks that your privacy settings remain as you wish them to be.  Note that links to Facebook on this website will only work smoothily if your computer or device already knows your details.


If you are not taking part in the MCS NI group on Facebook, you are missing a lot of news, gossip and photos.  To join, you need first to be a member both of the MCS and of Facebook.  Take care with your settings for friends and privacy.  Then you ask the NI secretary to send you an invitation to join the MCS NI area page and share the fun.