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Photo Collections 2010

Motor Caravan Section - Northern Ireland Area

Click one of the following meets to summon the photos from that event. Photos from last year's meets can be found here.


To visit a collection just click one of the links above. To visit another collection please return to this page first.

You can move at your own speed through the photos by using the backward, pause and forward buttons at the foot of each photo. However you can also summon thumbnails like the strip here.

 Control Panel

Here is how to reveal thumbnails in a strip like the one above:

Just click the far left button control panel button at the foot of the photos. To move back and forward through the thumnails click the tall arrows at the ends of the strip. To view any thumbnail click on it. To hide the strip away click the far left button again.

Some collections use another frame style. Hover under each number to see it in thumbnail, click to see it in full. Click the minus or plus signs to reveal a previous or later sequence of numbers.